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I offer a full range of treatments that I have tried and tested. The benefit of this is, I know they work.

Meet Emma

I’ve found my passion, skin, its rejuvenation, repair and care.

Emma Easterbrook

Emma Easterbrook


After having children and a few twists and turns career wise, I find myself back in the business of beauty, which is where I started after I left school.

The reason? Skin, it fascinates me. Having suffered from acne as a teen and again during my pregnancy, I remember how dreadful it made me feel and this motivates me to help others with their skin too.

In later years I went on to have an hysterectomy which bought about an early menopause. I noticed a big difference in my skin and felt pretty rubbish generally. This set me on the path to find treatments that actually work and make a positive difference to my skin and therefore how I feel about myself.

This journey has led me to create Star Treatment in the beautiful Sussex countryside where I live with my family and our menagerie of animals. I look forward to sharing my experience, knowledge and a little bit of magic with you to provide skin treatments that really work.

My Vision

Firstly I should say that I have no desire nor ability to make myself or anyone else look eighteen (unless you are 18!).

My vision is to make a beautiful space in which I can help others look and feel their very best.

I offer bespoke treatment plans to suit your skin individually and maximise the results using my proven methods of treatment.

I’m constantly on the lookout for new, (and above all) effective treatments. Never underestimate the value of good skin.

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Em x

Emma Easterbrook
Star Treatment by Em Ltd

Emma Recommends

There are certain things that we all know will make us feel brighter and better but we ‘don’t have time’ or we ‘forget’. We all get caught up in our busy lives jumping from one thing to the next and sometimes we can feel like we aren’t doing anything very well, does this sound familiar? If you look after yourself then you are more able to deal with all of the other things life is throwing at you.

So my suggestions. Simple…

Regular intake of Vitamin B12 is essential to keep you firing on all cylinders!

Get your beauty sleep! A bath and a good book before bed never goes amiss and don’t forget those silk pyjamas….

Regular Facial

A regular facial (with me) along with a regular morning and evening skin routine using good quality products to keep your skin hydrated and fresh.

The European Food Safety Authority recommends 2-2.5 litres of water a day. Hydrated skin is key if you want your skin and eyes to look their best.

My Hydro-Facial uses purified water to hydrate and deep clean the skin.

Exercise and a balanced diet full of greens will keep up your energy levels.

Star Treatment Skin Care Clinic

Never underestimate the benefits of laughter, sometimes it really is the best medicine.

A regular facial (with me) along with a regular morning and evening skin routine using good quality products to keep your skin hydrated and fresh.

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